Pelicans struggle to break .500 mark

Story and Photos By Phillip Petty III, freshman at St. Augustine High School

The Pelicans suffered their fourth straight loss on Monday night against the Boston Celtics. After losing to the Celtics they dropped below .500. Three main reasons why the Pels are on this losing streak is because of because of injuries, defensive problems, and the fact that the team keeps finishing the quarters shooting poorly.

Injuries have hurt the Pelicans in the last loss to the Wizards. Anthony Davis was inactive last game. He is a huge part to this Pels team because he leads the team in many categories. He leads the team in points per game (27), rebounds per game (12.6), and blocks per game (2.69). For the Pelicans to have had a shot against the Celtics needed everyone to be healthy especially Anthony Davis.

Next, the Pelicans had to do a good job on defense. The Celtics have young talent all around, especially with Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, and Gordon Hayward. These three guys can hurt you all around and are great at finding ways to score. The Pelicans had to also keep these guys contained. The Pelicans had to take advantage of the injury of Celtics player Jaylen Brown, which provided amazing defense.

Last key thing is for the Pelicans to end off each quarter strong. Saturday night against the Wizards the Pelicans ended of each quarter poorly only shooting 32% in the last two minutes in each quarter. The Pels have to many missed opportunities on the offensive end by missing wide open shots. Then on the defensive end the Pels have to focus on defense, and not leave players of the opposing team wide open and give up easy shots.

As the Pelicans fall to 10-11 they look to bounce back Wednesday November 28 as they will face the Washington Wizards. For Pelicans to stop this losing streak they will need to play better on defense as they gave up way too many open shots against the Celtics. As the Celtics rise to 11-10 they look forward to their next match up against the Cleveland Cavaliers.