Craziest Things I Saw at Super Bowl 53 Opening Night

Story by Wyatt Vaughn, senior at Holy Cross School, photos by Nick Boulet and Rob Noelke of Loyola University

Super Bowl Media Opening Night has seen some of the craziest things in the past few Super Bowls. From Marshawn Lynch giving one word interviews, to Tom Brady getting emotional after taking a question from a child, there are plenty of interesting things that can happen; here’s my list of the craziest things I saw at Monday’s opening festivities.

Andrew Whitworth’s special guest

With so much seriousness around the Super Bowl and the hard work and dedication it takes to get there, the players rarely talk about what is most important, family. Andrew Whitworth definitely knows what should come first as he got his son, Michael, to come up to his podium and ask him a question. The guest Journalist asked his dad how his day was going, which looked like it gave him a much needed break from questions.

Greg the clown answers questions.

The Clown Named Greg

In the middle of all the craziness was a man named Greg walking around dressed like a clown. Other than the clown outfit, Greg was just a normal member of the media, interviewing and asking questions to players, like a real professional. Even with the good behavior though, Greg was getting some crazy looks from a lot of players and media members.

Ethan Westbrooks tries Mexican food while wearing a sombrero.

Ethan Westbrooks enjoys some mexican food during an interview

Most players wouldn’t recommend eating mexican food the week before the biggest game of their lives. Ethan Westbrooks is not one of those players. The Rams defensive end had no problem taking part in some Mexican festivities, even putting on a sombrero. And while there may not be many people who can rock a face tattoo, grill, and sombrero, Westbrooks did his best. 

Patriots fans won’t let the host team forget about 2016

Some fans haven’t forgotten Super Bowl 51, when the Patriots came back from a 25-point deficit.

This event was meant to be a celebration of the two teams who have made it this far, the Patriots and Rams. But some Patriots fans haven’t forgotten about what happened in the 2016 Super Bowl. Some fans brought flags which had a shot of the scoreboard from that Super Bowl, in which the Atlanta Falcons led 28-3. As Patriots, and especially Falcons fans know, the Patriots would go on to win that game 34-28.



Tom Brady showing off his throwing accuracy

Tom Brady throws a ball into a hoop.

Even with the hustle and bustle of Super Bowl media week beginning, the GOAT wasted no time showing off his incredible accuracy. After a reporter asked Brady to throw some foam balls into a small net a few yards away, Brady stole the show hitting every single ball, proving that he really can do it all.


In spite of, or maybe in part, because of all the craziness that went on, Opening Night of Super Bowl 53 was great. It was easy to see that everyone involved really enjoyed themselves, which is the main goal. For everyone involved, it was a great way to begin a week full of Super Bowl Festivities.

Thanks to Super Bowl Host Committee in Atlanta for the opportunity!