Summer Interview Camp 2021


You know that JRNOLA amplifies youth voices through journalism, but did you know that we also run a fun crash course in interviewing during the summer? You get to skip straight to the cool part and start questioning grown ups who think they know a thing or two about the world.


Join JRNOLA for another summer full of mystery guests (i.e., pretty famous grown ups that you get to ask any questions you want) in our physically-distant interview camp. We’ll interview activists, chefs, actors, musicians, authors and even Saints and Pelicans players, as well as the journalists who report on those beats. Learn how to ask a great question, and have fun in the process. Each camp is a week long, follows a theme (Entertainment, Environmentalism, Food, Music, Sports, etc.) and costs $125. You’ll need to have an internet connection, headphones and working video on your screen (we love seeing your faces!).


Each week is different, so join us for the whole summer (prepay and save)!


The camp is for youth from 13-18.

Scholarships are available. Email with scholarship requests.