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The clinch that stole Christmas

December 26, 2018 Phillip Petty 0

Story By Phillip Petty III, sophomore at St. Augustine High School. Photos by Christopher Taylor, sophomore at SJBP STEM Magnet High School Program. Sunday, the (12-2) New Orleans Saints hosted the (8-5-1) Pittsburgh Steelers in […]

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The point guard matchup

December 20, 2018 Phillip Petty 0

By Phillip Petty III, sophomore at St. Augustine High School Coming into Wednesday’s game between two great point guards on the teams of New Orleans Pelicans and the Oklahoma City Thunder which are Russell Westbrook […]

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Behind the Lens: R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

December 18, 2018 jrnolaadmin 0

Mentored by Tyler Kaufman, JRNOLA’s Phillip Petty III, Chris Taylor and Wyatt Vaughn were equipped with professional photo equipment, compliments of Canon USA, to cover the 2018 R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, on Saturday, Dec. […]

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Pelicans struggle to break .500 mark

November 29, 2018 Phillip Petty 0

Story and Photos By Phillip Petty III, freshman at St. Augustine High School The Pelicans suffered their fourth straight loss on Monday night against the Boston Celtics. After losing to the Celtics they dropped below […]

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Saints and Drew Brees own the Eagles

November 19, 2018 Phillip Petty 0

Story by Phillip Petty III, Photos by Wyatt Vaughn. Mentored by Nick Boulet Before the Saints dominated the Eagles in a 48-7 win Sunday in the Superdome, the quarterback matchup between Drew Brees vs. Carson […]

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