Virtual Learning

This summer, we gave a new cohort of students a crash course in cultural reporting via our super-physically distant Interview Camp. Students spoke with musicians, actors, and even a celebrity chef by video chat. Prior to each celebrity interview, students interviewed national journalists who write on similar topics. We often make the comparison to food in our school year program, using the broccoli vs. ice cream metaphor to describe the work students do to earn coverage opportunities (eat your vegetables to earn a dessert). This summer was pure ice cream!

Our school year program will be filled with some of the same features students experienced in our physical newsroom, from news quizzes to daily check-ins, and social interactions. We will also have an editorial roundtable for story review, and a chance for students to engage each other about the work they are doing. Students work gets published on our website, Medium, and has been picked up by such publications as Gambit and Teen Vogue. Join us to make your voice heard!

Our fall class begins on September 1. We’re planning to meet virtually for the foreseeable future with schools starting remotely.