Branisha Spincer

Branisha Spincer is an aspiring young writer in her senior at KIPP Renaissance High School from the New Orleans Uptown area. Branisha also attends Bard Early College New Orleans.

Branisha Spincer

She has not decided what college she will attend next fall but what she does know is wherever she goes she will be studying journalism and film production. Branisha wants to a journalist because she wants to connect with others. She also wants learn the truth and share it with others.

Growing up with athletes, from her dad and uncles to her brothers and cousins, inspired Branisha and she now says she wants to dig into the lives of sports players all around, like her father aspired to be. Branisha’s father, Brandon, was a big name in football, but his life was taken from him before he could make to the NFL. She grew up watching it on TV and in her front yard. Branisha is also a huge New Orleans Saints fan and Pelicans fan. Even though it seems the Branisha is all into sports, she has a red carpet written all over her.

Branisha loves movies and hopes to create and star in her own movies. But for now she critiques others. Branisha fell in love with movies from the late 80s and 90s like Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing. Her and her cousin, Jessica, watched these movies over and over and talk about hidden stories and quotes and go into deep detail. Branisha can be described as curious when movies and their stories.

Branisha is going to do great things with her mind. She wants to be in front and behind the camera, while also writing to critique her own and others. She hopes to inspire others with her own ideas and imagination.