Ctrl-Alt_Del : Rebooting IT Did the Trick


The NEW It is  unbelievably  better than original “IT.” It’s rare for a remake of movie to out do the classic. Much applause is owed to Andrés Muschietti and the rest of the crew for doing an outstanding job because many aren’t able to do this. If you haven’t seen the first classic version of “It”, don’t because it’s nothing like this new one.

This new It is a must see when it comes to horror. This was no Halloween, Friday the 13th or Scream. Although it did allude to images of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jeepers Creepers and Carrie with the amount of gore depicted, this way not your typical slasher movie.

It was really interesting and inspirational. The movie was about more than fear.  It was about a group of friends working together to fight something no one of their town, Derry, had ever wanted to acknowledge. This shows how experience, not age, defines maturity.

This was a horror movie that had at least one scare for everybody, not just for those who feared clowns. It touched on a lot of fears like tight spaces, germs, rodents, the dark, being alone and even parents. Allowing audiences to know everyone fears something and, trust me; if you don’t know what that fear is then you’ll definitely find it in this movie.

When it comes down to how much better this movie was in comparison the first one, I could go on and on. For one, the director and actors did great  a job when it came to making this movie realistic and believable. It was filled with so much emotion, which the first lacked, and it had a focus, unlike the first one which consisted of a lot of flashbacks. Pennywise even appeared to be scarier in this new one, and this is coming from a person who has no fear of clowns. Although it didn’t follow the old one and its story as much as many thought, it took a turn in the right direction in my opinion.

It may be classified as a horror movie but it was scary and funny the best combination. Who doesn’t want a scare while having a nice laugh to back it up? It also had a little bit of romance.

This movie shows the power of friendship and how it goes a long way when you have people behind you that care and love you. It shows how not giving up on those is important when “MAD” day comes. They showed this perseverance throughout the movie. This is what kept them alive and hopeful.

In the end, all I’m going to tell you is that It is a must and will be worth your time.  You can throw the old one out the window because it has little worth compared to this new one and what it offers.

Though a classic will always be a classic, some older films should just stay in the past.