Kayla Gilbert

Kayla was born and immersed in the multicultural melting pot of  New Orleans, Louisiana. She attends Kipp Renaissance High School. Aside from being a firm believer in black girl magic, Kayla also believes that food is a really important part of life. She attended culinary school her ninth grade year in high school and has always aspired to work in the food industry. She plans on going  to college out-of-state for business and one day hopes to run her own business.

She loves to discover and learn new things about her city and the rest of the world. Every piece of information that she adds to her personal archive helps her learn more about who she is. Her identity as a human being is simultaneously influenced by  the diverse and isolated environments she is exposed to on a daily basis.

At a young age she was taught to love herself as the young black girl she is, no matter the circumstances or the environment around her. She encourages everyone to have self-confidence, but Kayla especially enforces this to her black female companions because she feels that they sometimes experience the worst struggles. Kayla wants every black girl to feel like a goddess so they can push themselves and accomplish things that no one ever thought they would accomplish. This is why she strives to understand every aspect of life to create social change and help fix the way the world views people of color as a whole.