Amaria Nelson

Born and raised in New Orleans, Amaria Nelson is a senior at Abramson Sci Academy. She loves to do community service, read, listen to music, watch horror movies and write poetry during her free time. She is very wise beyond her years. She keeps an average GPA of 3.65 and wants to major in psychology, photography and journalism. She wants to know more about people with mental illness and how she would be able to communicate with them and conduct research, which she believes journalism can help with. Photography is an extracurricular that she participates in because she wants to capture art through photos and have memories that she can keep forever.

She would like to attend a college where Psychology is one of the top majors and apply it to journalism. She wants to deal with clients that have mental disorders and behavioral issues. Journalism would help her connect more to people and ask the right questions when dealing with people’s emotions; in addition, learning inside people’s minds and why they behave the way they do. Journalism would also help improve her writing skills and comprehend better. Hopefully she would be able to do community service on people with disorders and is educated more about people with different symptoms and prescription psychologist provide for them to help them cope better with their illness.

One of her favorite books is Native Son because of how the author writes about real world struggles of being a black man where Caucasians are dominant in society. And one of her favorite movie is “Get Out” by Jordan Peele, applying it to psychology and Horror because it shows how the people in today’s society act. Music is like therapy for her when she is upset or angry. She enjoys different genres of music because sticking to one is just too boring. Music puts her in a different state of mind and releases and type of stress she is facing whether it’s at home or school. Reading and writing poetry relates to photography because reading a book helps you imagine and creates an image inside her head. Poetry helps her express herself through writing and photography see an image and story even if others don’t see it. You can create your own perspective and tell your own mini story from one picture that you really admire.

She is excited to see with Junior Journalist Program has in store for her and the new skills she will learn on her journey.