Win or lose, it’s all about having fun at a Pelican’s game

By Phillip Petty III, freshman at St. Augustine High School

Saturday night, while the Pelicans beat up on the Nuggets in the Smoothie King Center, Kids Night stole the show whenever the team wasn’t, with entertainment for the kids and adults. During the each break or timeout there is always something going on to keep the fun going.

To open up the game, there’s always a national anthem performed at a national sporting event. Tonight’s national anthem was performed by the McKinley Middle Magnet Advanced Choir. During timeout in the first quarter, additional events kept the fun going, as they do for every home game. Saturday’s first was a chicken nugget eating contest. Three contestants had 30 seconds to eat 20 chicken nuggets. It was a tie between a two people and young male and female, both eating 5 nuggets. Next was a performance by the Pelicans drumline. Pelicans drumline has been featured in numerous Pelicans games, and is always a crowd favorite.

In the second quarter another game was played with a randomly selected fan who was an adult male. The game is called “Are You Smarter Than A Pelican”. Similar to “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”, the Pelicans fan was asked three questions and had to get them correct in order to win. Unfortunately he only had gotten 1/3 correct. Also the Pelicans dance team put on a great performance for the crowd.

During halftime a performance was put on by a band called Pelicans 212. Pelicans 212 starred on America’s Got Talent and also on Little Big Shots. This band is made up of children ages 10-14. Pelicans 212 is not just a locally known band but known all around the country. Also the band is not from Louisiana, they are from Pensacola, Florida.

In the third quarter during a timeout they had a dance contest between kids and parents. It was nice to see the kids and the parents get down and dance. But the kids defeated the parents as the parents could not keep up with the kids’ incredible dance moves. Also the dance cam was put up which brought everyone to their feet to get up and dance. Even if they didn’t know how to dance they got up and danced and enjoyed themselves.

A Pelicans game is not quite like a Saints game. During the Saints game during timeout, there isn’t any entertainment or performances put on. But at the Pelicans game they have entertainment during every single timeout. In this reporter’s opinion, I think the Pelicans game is much more fun than a Saints game, but if the Saints had performances during timeout. I would like Saints games as much I like Pelicans game.