Orgeron vs. Swinney is a Battle of Mutual Respect Between Cajuns

LSU’s Head Coach listens to a question as he prepares to answer. Photo by:Derek Dunbar

There are a lot of similarities in Monday’s College Football Championship matchup between LSU and Clemson. First, there are the tiger mascots, then the fact that both teams call their home stadiums “Death Valley.” But another one is the coaches’ mutual Cajun roots.

Coach O specifically talked about his famous accent, saying it is strong because of his family history. And Alabama’s native son Swinney revealed that his name is Cajun, given his own roots.

But another thing they had in common was a sense of mutual respect.

“What a great journey for this football team,” Orgeron said of Clemson. “I think [Swinney is] a model for other coaches that have been interim coaches and had success. He’s a friend of mine. I have a lot of respect for him, a lot of respect for his football team.”


Swinney complimented Orgeron back. “Really amazing season that LSU has had. Coach O and the job that he’s done, his staff—just incredible,” he said, continuing. “This is the way it should be. Two great, great teams that have worked extremely hard to get to this point, and to be able to have it culminate tomorrow night in front of the whole country and probably a lot of people across the world, to watch a great college football game, it’s just an awesome thing, a blessing to be a part of.”

Clemson’s Coach Dabo Swinney also spoke about the change in weather conditions, which caused Clemson to turn a hotel ballroom into a practice facility on Saturday.

Clemson Head Coach talks about how two successful teams should be the in a competition like this one. Photo by: Derek Dunbar

“The team adjusted well as we made the most of it,” Coach Swinney said, adding that he looked forward to today’s practice at the Saints facility.

Coach O and Coach Swinney looked pretty confident in their teams. But when it came to taking a photo with the National Championship trophy, there was something in Coach O’s eye that made him looked like he wanted it slightly more.

LSU (14-0) and Clemson (14-0) will kickoff tonight, January 13th at 8pm ET at the New Orleans Superdome.