Aspiring Writers

Listen, writing is hard. Every journalist who comes through our doors will tell you the same. It’s a way of rearranging all the messy thoughts in your head to make them clean enough to be digested by someone else. That’s why we don’t care if you’re Toni Morrison or you don’t know the difference between their, they’re and there. As long as you want to write, we’d love to have you join.

Aspiring Podcasters

Want to have your voice quite literally heard? There’s no better way than to speak out on the issues that affect you the most. High schoolers are natural journalists, questioning the world around them as much as they question themselves. JRNOLA is in the early phases of developing what our podcast sounds like, so now is a great time to hop on and develop your voice. *Podcasts will be featured on

Aspiring Photojournalists

JRNOLA provides unique photojournalism experiences that’d make a seasoned veteran green with envy. Our students are credentialled to regularly photograph Saints and Pelicans games from the sidelines, inches away from players. Outside of our sports coverage, our photographers are given fun and challenging assignments that correspond with written work. Capturing the world through a frame is just one other way to tell a story.

Aspiring Newscasters

Prior to COVID, when we were allowed to gather in our newsroom, some of our junior journalists hosted Facebook Live sessions that have turned into ESPN First Take-like debates. We’ve also been in talks about doing shows for local TV stations. Understanding our responsibility to keep kids safe during unprecedented times, we are exploring ways to facilitate citizen journalists learning to properly utilize the truth-revealing equipment they are already armed with.


To participate in the Junior Journalism program, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be enrolled in 9th-12th Grade in a Louisiana public or private K-12 or high school; or be at least 14 years of age with evidence of current homeschooling.
  2. Have a reliable internet connection to join our Zoom Newsroom (need internet service at home? Check out Connect2Compete from Cox). We also recommend having a set of headphones to cut down on background noise and distractions.
    1. Once things get closer to “normal” (whatever that means anymore), we ask that you have reliable transportation to the JRNOLA newsroom and events you will cover (once we’re able to get back to event coverage).
  3. If you meet the above requirements and wish to apply, please complete and return the 2023 Application for Participation accompanied by a required 750 word writing sample OR original 750-word essay on “Why I would like to be a Junior Journalist”. All students, including those only interested in photography, are required to submit an essay or writing sample (if you are proud of something that you wrote for school, you can submit that).

Secure a letter of recommendation from a sponsoring school administrator (Principal, Vice Principal, Counselor) or teacher.

Any questions may be directed to:

Liam Pierce
(510) 205-2615