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Kayla Gilbert

Kayla was born and immersed in the multicultural melting pot of  New Orleans, Louisiana. She attends Kipp Renaissance High School. Aside from being a firm believer in black girl magic,… Read More »Kayla Gilbert
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Tulane University Homecoming Game Report

Tulane’s Homecoming Game against Cincinnati at Yulman Stadium, also known as the “Ocean,” had fans on the edge of their seats this past Saturday. Cincinnati held on to a one point… Read More »Tulane University Homecoming Game Report
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Ctrl-Alt_Del : Rebooting IT Did the Trick

The NEW It is  unbelievably  better than original “IT.” It’s rare for a remake of movie to out do the classic. Much applause is owed to Andrés Muschietti and the rest… Read More »Ctrl-Alt_Del : Rebooting IT Did the Trick
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