Taylor Weeks

This young man’s man is Taylor Weeks. He is 18 years old. One great thing to about this kid is that he is hot-headed, and fiercely competitive. He says he is able to keep it under control in school, but when he steps out on the… Read More »Taylor Weeks

Yasmine Morris

Yasmine Morris is a senior at Abramson Sci Academy. As an aspiring photographer, she plans to attend NYU in the coming academic year to fulfill her passions of being a part of movie productions. Attached to the idea of following a career in media, she… Read More »Yasmine Morris

Branisha Spincer

Branisha Spincer is an aspiring young writer in her senior at KIPP Renaissance High School from the New Orleans Uptown area. Branisha also attends Bard Early College New Orleans. She has not decided what college she will attend next fall but what she does know… Read More »Branisha Spincer

Claire Dinwiddie

Claire Dinwiddie is a senior at St. Mary’s Dominican High School. This is her second year being a member of Dominican’s The Star newsletter staff and this is her first year being the Editor in Chief. She has a background in musical theatre and acting… Read More »Claire Dinwiddie