What Our Participants Say About the Program

“Since joining JRNOLA, my life has made a 360° change (ok, not entirely, but it has changed A LOT!). I went from starting my senior year with my mind set on how the next year was going to go, but the next thing I know I’m interviewing a childhood idol, Rickey Jackson. My plan was to go into film production and make that my priority, but I was swept off my cloud by Mr. Sam and Ms. Allison. Journalism is now my passion, and I live for it. With that said, I’m proud to say that this fall I will be on track to become a Sports Broadcaster at TCU. I owe almost everything to the program, because I know my life goals more clearly now. #ThanksJRNOLA!” Branisha, 18

“My daughter is a stubborn mule. You tell her to go to point A and she is going to jump to point C because B is close to A. When Branisha has her mid set, ain’t no changing it. Which is why I was so shocked when she said she was going to be a journalist. She had her mind set on taking on film directing and producing in school, so when she went back and changed all her college applications so that she could major in communications and journalism, I just knew that I had to thank Mr. Sam and Ms. Allison. The work she did with them was unbelievable. From working Tulane games to Saints games, then hearing her calling game reports over the radio, I couldn’t believe that was my baby. Now she’s in college with a resume that has people there questioning why she’s even there with so much experience. I am so proud of her and all she’s accomplished, and I have JRNOLA to thank for part of it.” Francine, parent

“This was an amazing firsthand experience that gave me a taste of what I would be doing if I wanted to go through with this career. It helped me realize that this is what I would like to continue to pursue because it allowed me to get experience with real professionals.” Claire, 18

“JRNOLA is creating the future generation of leading women in journalism.  The Program helps young women develop the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in a competitive field. I am blown away by the top-notch caliber of students participating in JRNOLA.” Olivia (NBCUniversal Media), mentor

“JRNOLA provides real life work experience for young professionals interested in the sports media field. This experience is priceless as it is what employers look for in incoming talent. The lessons learned from the mentors they provide cannot be learned in a classroom setting. I also encourage those who are in the position to mentor to do it! Always be willing to share your knowledge with the future of our business! It is a truly rewarding experience.” Charlotte (Golf Channel), mentor